2022 Success Stories

Throughout 2022, we helped many sellers sell their Mobile Home Communities, below are a few examples of the sellers we were fortunate to meet and work for.

Hamilton, MO Portfolio: During the spring of 2022, these owners called us to potentially sell their mobile home communities that they had owned for many years. My team and I met with them, and after determining a listing price, they decided to list with us. A few weeks later we had their properties under contract with a full price offer from a local buyer. We got to know them and their family over the course of the deal, and are now fortunate to be helping them again with the sale of their RV Park development ground. 

Webb’s RV Park: Mr. and Mrs. Webb have owned their RV Park and campground for over 35 years, and developed the property from bare farm and timber ground. Several years ago, I worked with them to sell the same property after reaching out to them when their listing had expired with a local residential realtor. Ultimately we could not get them the price they wanted at that time, and they decided not to sell for a while. We were fortunate enough to be able to help them again this year, and sold the property for full asking price.

Iowa Portfolio: These long term owners reached out to us on one of our mailers and after a short time my team and I visited their parks and gave them a price estimate. They decided they wanted to sell their park confidentially without taking it to the open market.

Within a few days, we received an offer from one of our repeat buyers. The sellers agreed to a sale after a little bit of back and forth, and we closed within 90 days of the purchase agreement being accepted. These sellers never even had to take their property to the market and still received a quality buyer within just a few days of listing the property.

Elwood, NE: These sellers reached out on one of my mailers and told me the story of how he had come to own his Mobile Home Park. He had bought the park from his cousin’s estate and didn’t want to pay large capital gains on the sale. We spoke back and forth for nearly a year, preparing the property for sale in order to get the highest possible price, all while selling on contract in order to avoid larger than necessary capital gains tax. Our first buyer didn’t work out, but within a few days, we had a new buyer and closed the contract sale in 30 days at full asking price. 

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