Our Past Sales

Walter’s Kountry Kourt: McGregor, IA - Forrest and Kay Walters

I first spoke to Michelle nearly two years before helping her and her parents sell their mobile home park. She told me they had wanted to sell for a while, but that the realtors they had talked to didn’t seem to think the price they had in mind was realistic. After learning more about the park I told her that I thought her price was actually below market value based on my recent sales. We spoke back and forth over the next couple of years and I advised her to sell some of the park owned homes on contract to make the property easier to finance through a bank when they decided to sell, and to clean up a few things in the park over time.

In the Spring of 2021 they called me, and she said her parents were ready to sell. I worked with them to get all the information I needed to determine a price, and then met face to face with her parents and help them through the listing paperwork. A few days after singing the listing paperwork I brought them an offer from one of my repeat buyers in the area, and we worked our way through to the closing. The Walters walked away with a higher proceeds than they expected, and the whole process ran smoothly from start to finish.

Pocahontas Villa: Pocahontas, IA - Albert Hauser

I received an email from Al and his partner Barb when they began thinking about selling their park. They had bought the park on contract a few years before, and were wanting to slow down. I got some basic information from them and then drove up to their park to meet with them face to face.

Within a few days I had them a price estimate and we put together their marketing material. I had a few reputable buyers in mind that I shared the listing with, and shortly after we received a near full price offer from them. Most of the questions the buyers had were already answered due to the work I did with Al and Barb prior to listing, and everything ran smoothly to closing.

Breezy Pointe Mobile Home Park: McGregor, IA - Bill Burke

Bill called me after receiving several direct marketing messages from me. He had a Mobile Home Park that he had developed, and he had been trying to sell with his local real estate for a few years. I met with Bill to get a better understanding of the park, and we prepared to list at the same price he had been asking for the last several years while marketing the property. I spoke to a past client of mine, and they had an immediate interest. After a lot of back and forth, we came to an agreement on price and terms, and then all sat down together during the due diligence period to make sure everyone was on the same page. The deal progressed smoothly and we closed at the original agreed upon price, which was 96% of the planned listing price. Both the buyer and seller walked away happy, and all of it was done without disrupting the property or the tenants. 


Cresco Portfolio: Cresco, IA - Dusty​

Dusty called me after receiving direct marketing from me. We went through my standard process, and I got him a price estimate prior to meeting him at his properties. We began the marketing process and had received a few offers. That was the Spring of 2020, just before Covid began. During the early stages of covid, almost all of our traffic on the properties came to a halt. We worked through it though, and got the properties sold that Summer for close to the original sales price.

Spruce Village: Montezuma, IA - The Tompkins Family

The Tompkins Family owned and operated their mobile home community between two generations of their family. Lyle operated the day to day of the park, and his son helped with the big projects and was the owner of the park. Their park had a high number of older park owned homes, which made the sale difficult. We worked with three different buyers over the course of several months. Two of the buyers that wrote offers didn’t end up following through on the purchase, but I quickly found a new buyer each time for the sellers. In the end we found a great lender that helped the third buyer get the deal done, all while getting the Tompkins the price and terms they were looking for in the sale of their property. 

Confidential MHP​

The owner of this park was referred to me by a local property manager that was not sure how to help them sell their property. The owner wanted to keep his sale strictly confidential and didn’t want it marketed online anywhere. His park was in a major metro, and he had many long term tenants that he did not want to be disturbed by the sale. Through my list of buyers we were able to effectively market the property in a confidential, yet effective manner. I brought a buyer for the property through my list and the park closed with no surprises, and without disturbing the tenants or the property day to day. 

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