Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are fees due?: All commissions and other fees are due at closing, you as the seller never pay us prior to the deal closing.

2. What if my property isn’t selling or I change my mind about selling?: As long as the property isn’t under contract with a buyer, all of our sellers are free to cancel at any time and there are never any penalties or fees for cancelling

3. Do you work for me or the buyer?: If you sign a listing agreement with us, we work for you. This means our main goal is to get you as much for the property as possible.

4. What if I want to sell my property, but I don’t want it marketed locally or online?All of our clients receive the option to sell the property completely confidentially, without the property being listed anywhere. Even if the property is listed, we don’t use the MLS or any local sales sites, meaning the property is seen by the right people, not by just anyone. This means our leads are stronger and more likely to follow through on a deal.

5. I’m worried about my tenants being disturbed or finding out about the sale, how do you stop that from happening? Our team is experienced and we never make the residents aware of the sale before you are ready for them to know. Our goal is to keep the property running smoothly throughout the entire sales process, both for you and your tenants.

6. Can we meet with you and your team face to face? Yes, as long as you live in the Midwest, we offer all of our clients within our areas of service the option to meet with us directly, either at the property or in their hometown. We feel this helps our clients get to know us and helps us better understand both our client’s goals, and the property we are representing. For a complete list of our FAQs, or if you have additional questions, please visit our website or feel free to email us, or give us a call!

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