How We Market

When selling your mobile home park, whether it’s in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, or another state, it’s important that your broker knows how to market to the correct audience. Below is a breakdown of how we market for our mobile home park owners.

Direct Mailing List

Most brokers have a list of buyers that they send all of their listings, most other brokers tend to take a mass approach to this and end up having many unqualified buyers on their mailing list over time.

We constantly work on our buyer list in order to bring our sellers not just any buyer, but the best buyer possible from the start. 

We remove buyers from our list that have been difficult during past transactions, and ask qualifying questions to people requesting to join our buyers list to ensure they are a qualified buyer that will do what they say they will. 

Professional Marketing

When listing mobile home communities, a member of our team always does a site visit in order to verify the condition of the

 property and to better understand the property and the local community.

While in the area, a member of our team also takes professional aerial and on the ground photos and videos of the property

 to help potential buyers easily understand the property.

We also put together professional marketing designed to help buyers easily understand the value and potential of each property,

and to keep your personal information private. 

Industry Specific Marketing

When listing their mobile home community, many of our sellers are worried that their local community or their tenants will become 

aware of the sale, and that their property will be disturbed.

To keep this from happening, we do not list our client’s properties on local MLS boards or place signs on the property. Instead, 

we use industry specific websites and our mailing list to market our listings. This ensures that our clients receive the best leads 

and it is very unlikely that the property and tenants will be disturbed during the sales process.

Interested in Selling Your Mobile Home Community?

If you are considering selling your Mobile Home Community, please reach out to us by calling 

563-880-9679, emailing us at, or visiting our website at, you can also 

fill out the attached listing guide and email it to us.

Our pricing estimates are always free, and there is never an obligation to sell, we want all of our sellers to know the current value of their 

properties so they can decide if selling is the right choice for them. Our listing contracts are free to cancel at any time, and no fees are ever due prior to closing.

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